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We develop innovative solar solutions to provide clean & collaborative energy to off-grid communities in the developing world.

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Solar energy with a soul

Our vision

Our vision

Ingenious Particles is a French startup, based in Nantes and Paris, which aims at providing solar electricity for populations located off the grid. We are proudly supported by French Bank for innovation, “BpiFrance”, and laureate of “Réseau Entreprendre”, a french network for high-potential businesses.

Current pico-solar solutions need to be taken to the next level.

Since 2010 pico-solar products (eg. solar lanterns and solar home systems) have experience a dramatic diffusion, enabling millions of people to get access to electricity in off-grid areas. But the pico-solar market opportunity is suffering from overall lack of quality of the products :

  1. Out of order after 2 to 3 years because of battery performance issues ;
  2. Harmfull to children eyes because of photo-biological damages caused by poorly-designed LED systems ;
  3. Contributing to the pollution of rivers and soils because electronic components are not recycled properly. Today, no pico-solar manufacturer has deployed a consistent approach to tackle recyclability issues.

We commit ourselves to a sustainable and sensible approach of pico-solar lighting to foster social and economic development.

At Ingenious Particles, we are convinced that the pico-solar market is not another market opportunity to do business. We think that solar equipments are part of an overall energy infrastructure. They not only bring lighting and energy to rural households but they also contribute to economic and social development.

In order to fulfill that promise, we design pico-solar products with a brand new philosophy :

  1. Our products are build to last : we are targeting 10 years of lifetime
  2. Our products are health-friendly : we are working with on of the most advanced lab in the world, French CSTB, to test our products regarding photo-biological issues
  3. We recycle our products and their components : we deploy with our distributors and installators a recyclability scheme in every country we distribute our products.
  4. We design pico-solar products in coherence with local electrification scheme, consulting governments, local energy operator and NGO programs.

Our products are meant to contribute to social and economic development. We assess regularly the impact of our actions on the local populations thanks to our partnership with NGOs.

Our news


ELYOS EnergyBox in Senegal

[May,2017] Ingenious Particles is currently testing 2 ELYOS EnergyBox in Senegal in cooperation with a local energy operator. The field test will run from May to December 2017 and will …

Laureate “Réseau Entreprendre”

[April, 2017] Ingenious Particles has been laureate of “Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique”, a french network of high-potential entrepreneurs. The jury has acknowledged the consistency of the project and our Roadmap and …

400 solar lamps

[Feb, 2017] 400 solar pico-lamps designed by Ingenious Particles have been sold to french Telco operator Orange to be part of a field trial in Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire).

French Innovation Agency

[jan, 2017] Ingenious Particles has received in january,2017 support from the French Innovation Agency (BpiFrance). The grant will sustain R&D efforts to develop and test our innovative SHS systems in …